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Toto Julianto, Indonesia
"Very nice & good dentist, Dr Suria very professional!" - NOV 2013
Lee Kar Fook, Malaysia
Excellent first class treatment comes with my highest recommendation. - NOV 2013
Glenda Ann McGuire, USA
Dr. Wong is wonderful! Love coming here, Thank you Dr. Wong!. - NOV 2013
Velda Ong, Malaysia
I usually have fear of having to see dentist and it usually hurting of all treatment. However, it was a pleasant surprise to find in KLIDC that there was only a little discomfort in treating my root canal problem and even scaling was alright by Dr Nazreen. I would definitely recommend a visit to KLIDC for any dental treatment. -NOV 2013
Aras Pirami, Iran
I am quite satisfied with the service that I have received from KLIDC. I especially thanks my dentist Dr Shirleen for her best treatment. -NOV 2013
Angela Foong, Malaysia
"Very satisfy and thank you to Dr Shirleen". -NOV 2013
Maria Sammartino, Italy
"Thank you Dr Suria! It was very professional!". -NOV 2013
Lai Meng Kwok, Malaysia
The TV outside should have subtitle for any who wish to watch while waiting in the lounge. Dr Shirleen Wong is excellent, but she is busy and couldn't get to her when my temporary crown fell off. However that would not change my respect for her. -NOV 2013
Kenneth Leong Chi Keat, Malaysia
Highly recommend Dr Shirleen, very pleasant smile, gentle in work, and dedicated assistant. Definitely will come back again. - AUG 2013
Abdulkhi Haruna Ibrahim, Nigeria
"Fantastic & very satisfied my dental experience in KLIDC." - AUG 2013
Ahmed Ismail Mohamed Ramly, Egypt
It's very good treatment, friendly Dr Suria. - JUL 2013
Caroline Westor, Australia
Dr Low was an excellent dental professional. I had 2 dental implants & prosthetic crowns. He explained everything and was meticulous in his work & patient care. - JUL 2013
Nurazlyna Darus, Malaysia
Gentle, knowledgeable & comfortable. 3 words to describe Dr Mah & assistance Nurul. That you don't feel afraid to visit the dentist again. Thank you for giving me the comfort level. - JUL 2013
Paul Barnard, United Kingdom
"Very good. Thank you for all Dr Suria" - JUN 2013
Karen Woon, Malaysia
I have phobia toward dentists & their needles. But Dr Nazreen & nurse Anis were very patience explaining, gentle in procedure, always kind to me. I'm always and forever grateful to have them. KLIDC is now my prefered dental centre. - JUN 2013
Lim Poh Pen, Malaysia
Still very impressed with Dr Low & service standard. Infact, I have recommended a couple of my colleagues & friends to KLIDC. - JUN 2013
Seri Marni, Malaysia
"Thx Dr.Nazreen for the efficient & painless treatment, Thx to nurse Mey by introducing KLIDC to me!" - JUN 2013
Duval Renaud, France
Very professional & efficient, credit to Dr. Low & assistance. - JUN 2013
Nur Maheran Bintin Abdul Aziz, Malaysia
"I love the services in KLIDC especially Dr Nazreen. Keep it up! I will come here again. Love!!" - JUN 2013
Amy Cheak, Malaysia
It is my first time in life experiencing pain-free dental treatment, thank you to the doctor & friendly nurse. - JUN 2013
Ceri Wilding, United Kingdom
The quality of Dr Nazreen's work could not be better. All Cercon crowns sealed with the gum & fitted preceisely. He also employed exemplary standard of hygiene. I would highly recommed Dr Nazreen & KLIDC for both routine & complex dental procedures. - MAY 2013
Bikash Purkayastha, Australia
I am very happy and satisfied with careful treatment received under this dentist's case. I can recommend her for any one's dental problem. Dedicated to: Dr. Nursuriati
Diane Margaret Counihon, Australia
Very efficient treatment. Charming dentist who explained procedures as she worked. Thank you Dr. Zethy
Romdej Phisalaphong, Thailand
Good Service. Dedicated to: Dr. Low
Dossier White, USA
This clinic is so wonderful and professional. I always feel safe and secure. I love how the doctor takes good care and explains everything in detail. I recommend this clinic to everyone. Best in KL! Dedicated to: Dr. Nursuriati
Patrick Downey, Ireland
I have been very happy with my treatment and would recommend your dental practice to whoever may need dental treatment. Dedicated to: Dr. Nazreen
Martin Simatupang, Indonesia
Professional and excellent treatment! Highly recommended. The doctor gives better understanding about the treatment prior performing the procedures. Dedicated to: Dr Nazreen
Megat D. Shahriman, Malaysia
I love this Doctor, she is awesome. Dedicated to: Dr. Shirleen
Chin Wei Zeng, Malaysia
It was great!. Dedicated to : Dr Shirleen
Tracey Haynes, Australia
Very supportive in treatment planning via email, same for appointment setting is efficient. Lovely Surgery! Thank you. Dedicated to : Dr Nursuriati
Andre A. Abimanyu, Indonesia
Dr Low is very good and patient during the medication, very careful & diligent to see the problem. I will see him again next Friday. Dedicated to: Dr Low
Gan Saw Chien & Teo Nie Ching, Malaysia
Very friendly and professional. Thank you very much! Dedicated to: Dr Mah
Mary Jane Rewa, Newzealand
Visited KLIDC twice to see Dr Mah and cannot be happier with his work & service. Dr Mah is extremely professional & clearly knows what he is doing. Highly recommended & will certainly return again should the need arise. Dedicated to : Dr Mah
Issa Saleh, Jordan
Doctor Nazreen is a good doctor. I feel happy with the treatment. The nurses are also nice. Thank you. Dedicated to: Dr Nazreen
Matthew Auggaguel, France
Very honest doctor. Dedicated to : Dr Low
Lim Hung Yong, Kuala Lumpur
I am personally very satisfied with the professional service, I'd said she is the best dentist i've ever met. The atmosphere is just good enough for me. Ranking : ***** !! Dedicated to : Dr Shirleen
Eliza, Spain
My visit was very satisfactory. Dr.Syazlli was very professional, friendly and succeeded my expectation. Thank you, Eliza. Dedicated to: Dr Nazreen
Sidy Diallo, Senagal Republic
Very clean procedure. The doctor really took the time to makeit clean and easy for me. Painless! Dedicated to: Dr Nazreen
Reeta Rani, Kuala Lumpur
I am satisfied with the service. Dedicated to : Dr Nursuriati
Lean Poh Seong, Kuala Lumpur
Very professional dentist, explained the process and also made recommendations on procedure that i might want to consider. Very experienced. Dedicated to : Dr Nazreen
Shirlyn Hassan, Kuala Lumpur
To: Dr Nazreen, Friendly and soft approach. Excellence work! TQ for make me feel very comfortable during the treatment. TQ, Shirlyn
Tina Tranjak, Australia
It's been an absolute plasure to have my dental work done at KLIDC. I had 3 teeth done with no pain & a fantastic outcome. Faye, the customer care manager has given us outstanding customer care in every way. Dr Shirleen Wong is a fabulous dentist. I highly recommend anyone considering doing dental work abroad to use KLIDC, you won't be disappointed! Thank you to all the staff! Best wishes, Tine Tranjak =) Dedicated to: Dr Shirleen
Chris Carydakis, Australia
I found everybody here to be extremely helpful & excellent at what they do. Faye Puan was my point of contact from Australia & she was brilliant and thorough in responding to my emails. Dr Low, my dentist was also fantastic in every way. I had quite a lot of workdonw and it was all done to perfection. Thank you to everyone at KLIDC who made this journey & treatment an exceptional one. Dedicated to: Dr Low
Nur Azyyah Abdul Jamil, Malaysia
Excellent service & friendly approach. Dedicated to: Dr Nursuriati
Mehdi Hajaghaei Khiabani
It was a very good experience for me and i will come back again for sure.
Izuni Binti Isa, Malaysia
Nice, calm & soothing environment while waiting. Friendly staff & not instant 3-in-1 stuff. Would be nice to have a more child-friendly waiting area with movies, games etc. Dedicated to : Dr Nazreen
Richard Yong Pui Veen, Malaysia
The doctor has tld me an information before whitening do's and dont's after whitening. The dctor and assistant serve me good. Dedicated to: Dr Nazreen
Lauren Sveinson, Malaysia
Very professional. Excellent good care. Thank-you. Dedicated to Dr Nazreen
Rusmizza Bt Hussain, Malaysia
Excellent service and convincing! Keep it up, thanks! Dedicated to: Dr Nazreen
Sateh Mroueh, London
Before starting my dental i was worried because by nature i don't like going to the dentist. But this time around the doctor made my experience more relaxing. Dr Nazreen was of the highest quality in his profession, very thorough in his work but most importantly he was honest and forth coming. I am very pleased with his work. Last but not the least, the nurses were very attentive. Dedicated to: Dr Nazreen
Mohd Razali B. Ismail, Malaysia
The doctor is very helpful & rendered good assistance by explaining the root canal solution. However, charges a bit high. Dedicated to : Dr Low Soo Huat
Anan Ghazlan, Malaysia
Perfect! Excellent service. Highly recommended. Dedicated to : Dr Nursuriati
Nancy, Malaysia
Very informative. Dedicated to: Dr Nazreen
Radzieman Mohamad, Malaysia
Good explanation regarding the treatment. Dedicated to : Dr Nazreen
Happy Andira, Malaysia
Painless, quick & will come again. Dedicated to: Dr Nazreen
Samuel Hoo Yeng Kit, Malaysia
The entire process was pain free and efficient. Definitely not as scary as what i imagined it would be.
Lim PP, Malaysia
First time visit & very impressed with the centre & the treatment.My previous doctor in a different clinic treatment seem abit hurtful & i am not keen to re-visit him. This time, i will certainly come again.
Leong Chee Kin, Malaysia
Perfect service / treatment!
Zaheer Hanif, London
Fantastic service and very professional perocedure & advice.
Mohammed Alizu, Cameroon
Very lovely and friendly dentist. I was handled gently with care. When it comes to teeth, that perfect. Excellent results. Kudos to Dr Nursuriati! 5 stars. :)
Thitirath Jiranatagarn, Thailand
Dr Nazreen, the staff and place are very good, professional.Thank you!
Alan Finch, UK
Very pleasant & good service. Thank you.
Tihomik Gligoric, Serbia
I am very satisfied with the work of Dr Low and his staff. They are very caring and professional. Thank you.
Tamarau Puna, New Zealand
Very professional & informative with a smile.
Tengku Faradina, Malaysia
Very good treatment. :D
Jan Powley, Australia
3 crowns, excellent treatment. Good communication with nurses and Dr Low.
Chistel Ehlert Tacze, Germany
"Your treatment was very careful and polite. Dr Low Soo Huat a very excellent dentist. Many thanks for your treatment!"
Raheleh, Iran
"It was a pleasure to know Dr.Shirleen. She is such a nice person on my view. Thank you so much everyone here that assist me during my treatment. Dr.Shirleen, "Thank you very much that you gave me nice smile forever." =)"
Mohammed Alizu, Cameroon
"Very friendly staffs and doctors. Very nice ambience. Very professional. I would recommend KLIDC to anyone looking for a good dental clinic/centre. 2 thumbs up! Keep up to good quality service!"
Tan Kin Ee, Malaysia
"Very friendly and knowledgeable. A pleasure experience."
Panis, France
"Very efficient treatment and have the feeling to be in professional hands!"
Kerry Walker, Australia
"Fantastic service and a wonderful result. I had two crown & bridges to lower and 1 crown & five veneers to tops. Dentist was very attentive to my low pain threshold and made it quite painless. All the staffs were helpful and my result was excellent. Thank you to all involved."
Ms. Franziska Schweiger, Australia
"Perfect & fast service & nice environment!"
Ms. Julia Zigler, Malaysia
"Friendly. Will bring my friends here!"
Mr. Calvin Pusterla, Australia
"Very good treatment!"
Mr. Nick Hayton, Australia
"Very polite & professional. Good Job!"
Jessica McEntee, USA
"I had a wonderful service from KLIDC from organizing an appointment with the custoemr care manager and the dentist as well. I even enjoyed a cup of ginger tea and newspaper while waiting!"
Cyrus Osahon, Nigeria
"Best in the world, had a wonderful treatment!"
Christopher Bevan, Australia
"Excellent service!"
Mr Mohd. Faiz, Malaysia
"Very Good and good job!"
Mr. Paul Baltensperger, USA
"Crown fit well and treatment was fast and efficient."
Mr. Barry Douglas, Malaysia
"Very good. I will definately return and recommend your practice."
Mr. Danny Quah, UK
"Truly excellent, skilled, first-class professionals. Highly recommended."
Mr. Hemmes Jacob, Holland
"Good and friendly dentist."
Mr. Pete Nicholson, Australia
"Great care taken during all procedures wich gives a pain-free experience. The dentist recommended treatment that was required and not try to extract money."
Mr. Edwin Degenhart, Kuala Lumpur
"Very pleasant visit. Cleaning performed efficiently and painless."
Mr. Jakob Nielsen, Denmark
"Very professional and very friendly. I was treated very well and painless. Definately my dentist to be."
Mr. James Brumhall, USA
"Good service. I feel comfortable. Dentist and the assistant are nice and friendly."
Mr. Ian McLean, Hong Kong
"Very professional. Gentle & reassuring!"
Mr. Hezry Tasha Tamyas, Kuala Lumpur
Mr.Monir Azzouzi, Kuala Lumpur
"The dentist was great, caring and very professional."
Mr. Martin Wysocki
"My dentist did a great job, made me feel at ease and comfortable."
Ms. Paulette Reid, Australia
"Very professional & caring staff. The whole experience was very pleasant, everything was clearly explained and staff were polite and efficient. I would highly recommended."
Ms. Denise Alden
"Very friendly, nice office & received good information. Will be returning here for future check-up."
Ms.Tan Wai Gar, Malaysia
"First class facilities. Excellent services and friendly staff. Reasonable charges. Will recommend friends to this centre for dental treatment!"
Mr. Frank Parra, Australia
“When I come here although not very often but I go back with satisfaction with the work done.”
Mr. John Coom, Australia
“I was very happy with the whole experience. I had my teeth scaled & whitened. I also had a tooth extraction which I did not feel. The staffs are friendly and very professional. I would not hesitate to recommend this practice to anyone. Very very happy!”
Ms. Diane Tedder, Australia
“What at beautiful facilities you have here!. The staffs are very friendly. I felt very well cared for and respected. A very big thank you for your professional care.”
Ms. Trishella Geitz, Australia
“Great service, very fast and really happy with the results. I would definitely come back and recommend to others.”
Mr. Anthony J. Pincombe, Australia
“Over this years I have always have a fear of going to see a dentist. However what I found when visiting KLIDC was unbelievable in service and treatment. Both ….. without any pain. I would without any hesitation recommend KLIDC to anyone seeking dental work.”
Mr. Andrew Park – Australia
“I find KLIDC to be a top class International standard dentist practice. My wife had 2 tooth implants and myself regular dental treatments. The doctor has always been profeesional and courteous and show genuine care as does all the staff of KLIDC. I recommend highly to everyone seeking top dental service.”
Ms. Delillah John, Australia
“My husband had a good outcome with minimal pain from a surgery that was major compared to a tooth extraction in Melbourne that had him in pain for nearly 2 – 3 days. It prompted me to get my molar looked at, cleaning and polishing as well. Everyone makes you feel at ease and they are so gentle with you that one cannot help but want to tell the world about how excellent this clinic is.”
Mr. Alejandro Vargas, Australia
“On my second visit from Australia, the quality of the service and attention is as good as anywhere in the world. Well done!”
Mr. Mirnes Smajic, Australia
“The dentist thoroughly explained everything to me and that made the process earier – knowing what the dentist would do next.”
Ms. Goldis Ramezan, Arab
“One of my friend said this clinic is very good and especially the doctor is very good and kind and happy with me. Before that I was scared every time, but now I have very good feeling. Everything is so good.”
Ms. Xiao Ying Ying, China
“The doctor is very nice & gentle!”
Mr.Brian Mayhew Smith, England
“Excellent service – No pain – fully explained treatment.”
Ms. Belleville Delphine, France
"I am very glad to meet the KLIDC team. The Centre is at the top of the technology level. The cleanliness and hygiene is absolute. The Centre is peaceful with natural environment and you can even hear the sound the water through the fountain. The team will welcome you with a big smile and a cup of coffee. The dentist I met has been honest, clear and understandable and didn't try to charge over price because I'm "Mat Salleh", same price for everybody - Fair."
Mr. Ramon Meyer, Germany
“Generally I feel well treated with a reasonable price.”
Ms. Sherren Khalid, Iraq
“I am happy with the doctor who treated me. It seems he is an expert and I’m happy with the facilities here.”
Mr. Kenji Kishi, Japan
“Cozy environment helps me have comfortable feeling before treatment. Doctor is knowledgeable, and despite of several troubled (brace is broken). She arranged scheduled immediately and problem is settled quickly.”
Mr. Mohd Nur Azreen Arazmi, Malaysia
“Fantastic customer service! Good job!”
Ms.Loi Kwai Ching, Malaysia
“Firstly, while I stepped in KLIDC, I was impressed by the nice environment here. The environment here make me feel relax and comfortable. The service and profession here are excellent too. The doctor tried to explain to me my current dental problem and give me opinion to take care my teeth. In short, I like here.”
Ms. Sandy Tan, Malaysia
“Excellent services and a very comfortable environment! Doctor who attended me have been really kind and helpful towards the period of having my braces attached, all emergency services were being provided in short noticed, really appreciate it.”
Mr. Shaz Mukhtar, Malaysia
“It feels like a hotel. Once you go in, you don’t really feel like stepping out anymore. But most importantly, the service is top notch. Gentle, kindness, professionalism and great care given towards patients. That’s really great!”
Ms. Liew Hui Thing, Malaysia
“Nice environment. Friendly doctors & staff. Very detail explanation.”
Mr. Svein H. Steien, Norway
“Excellent works so far. “
Mr. Dagfinn Olay Tegnander, Norway
“Very good and professional service. Always put the patient first.”
Ms. Samira Mohammed Ali Al-Sabahi, Oman
“I believe that this Centre is one of the best dental Centre ever. The service is great and I would like to congratulate you for the good quality. It the first time I went to the dentist and the doctor is very friendly and understanding. The advices I got from the doctor gave me the confidence to visit the place again.”
Dato’ Rickie Tang, Singapore
“KLIDC is the best dental centre I have seen in Malaysia, and is probably the best in the region. Not many centre can go beyond clinical skills, but KLIDC has a good set up, very cozy environment, warm reception, good follow up etc many good aspects of the Centre which will lead me to recommend others to visit.”
Ms. Zeynep Havva, Turkey
"I am extremely pleased with the treatment I’ve just received. The dentist not only informed me about the procedure in detail on my request, but she also updated me at every step, which was very comforting. It was one of the rare instances when I felt a dentist office feeling that it wasn’t the nightmare I went through while walking to office.”
Mr. Miguel Sanchez , USA
“I had a parted molar & filling. The doctor attended to it quickly and painless wit the new work which better than previous. Very nice work done! Calmly and efficiently.”
Ms. Fatima Mohamed, Yemen
“Actually to talk about KLIDC, it was really nice to be under their treatment. What was my concern is to find nice people and staff who consider the situation of their patients. First when they provide like questionnaires if the patient has any health problem which is good. I have never seen like that before. I really like the way the doctor was communicating with me like a friend. The service was amazing. I really planning to come again and advice my friends if they need to have good smiles.”